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Graduation Day…

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Tomorrow you graduate preschool. Some folks scoff about the significance of this. Graduation from preschool? Really?!  I, however, am so grateful for the pomp and circumstance. I need a ritual to help mark this transition — the one from baby to young girl. Even though I find myself marveling at where the time has gone, it hasn’t really gone that quickly. It’s more feeling the impact that it’s just gone.

Look at you with Mommy on your first day:Image

Full of smiles, carrying your brand new lunch box for the first time. Look at your cute pink leggings bulging from the pull-up you were still wearing underneath. I marvel now at the baby fat sweetly padding your face. Three years later and you’re all legs and arms – much taller than most 5-year-olds. You’re potty-trained and sleep all night in a big girl bed. You run around your preschool as if you own it – because you do. Although you occasionally cling when we say goodbye, there are no more tears. Baby – you’re all grown up.

This morning I dropped you off for the last time. It felt like any other morning but of course it wasn’t. I hope you’ll take a nap, holding your “stuffy” tightly – embracing that ritual for the last time. I hope you’ll take in every bit of the specialness of the day knowing that it is your last. I know you won’t, of course, because you’re 5 and you’re sooo excited for what’s coming. This makes me happy.

But, as your sentimental Mom, I hope you’ll let me take it all in for you. You are my first and my last and my love for you is bigger than you can ever imagine.

And tomorrow, at graduation, know that I will be crying and cheering and feeling so proud of all you’ve accomplished these last three years – and for how you’ve grown into this amazing little girl. And, when it’s all over, we’ll walk out hand and hand just as we’ve done so many times before – only this time will be our last. Forgive me if I don’t walk as fast as you’d like me to as I may need to turn around one last time and take it all in.

And then there was vacation…

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At some point in everyone’s life is uttered the all too common phrase, “I really need a vacation.” I need to say that phrase more. Do it more. I realize that I just push myself and push myself and push myself until I’m beyond burnt out – until I’m completely fried. This has never been truer than the past few years. Oh, I have plenty of good reasons for not taking vacation, but, really, those reasons are excuses. And, they’re legit, but, they don’t really matter.

A few months back I finally put my foot down and declared that we were going on vacation and going to Disneyland. This, of course, was met with an overwhelmingly positive response by the rest of the family. I’ve been wanting to take Ellie to Disneyland but wanted to wait until I thought she was old enough and wouldn’t be overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of people, rides and I also wanted to avoid any potential freak outs from seeing live Disney characters. And, you know this can happen.

Since my husband is the master at vacation planning, I let him run with most of the vacation plans. Once we decided that we were going to drive down and do the coast thing on the way back, we needed to find a couple of good accommodations that would comfortably fit three of us. And, as usual, he totally scored the best accommodations — a darling cottage one block from the ocean in Hermosa Beach and a place called the Fog Catcher Inn in Cambria–also beachfront–which would be our stopover on the way home.

The ride down was pretty easy. The 5 may not be sexy but it is direct. We made really good time and were so happy to have our feet in the sand by dusk. This is one family that just absolutely loves the beach. Fortunately, I have some family that love the beach too and we spent a wonderful first day with my beloved Uncle and Aunt picnicking on the beach all day. Ellie just loves them and they love her too. There was football playing…


And I managed to get this wonderful picture of Ellie with her Great Uncle and Aunt. God bless my nifty fifty. I took this with the Aperture setting and the lighting was perfect.


As it worked out, Mother’s Day also fell during our vacation. To celebrate, we had brunch with my oldest and dearest friend, Gloria, her daughter, Fiona, who is exactly Ellie’s age and her Mom, whom I’ve known my entire life. It was pure bliss.


After brunch it was off to Disneyland! It was a short drive from the beach and before we knew it we were checked in to our hotels and at the park. I have not been to Disneyland in many years and it was every bit as wonderful as I remember. The weather could also not have been more perfect. But, most of all, watching Ellie experience it for the first time made me so deeply happy. She and Fiona walked along together holding hands and chatting – and thanks to Fiona’s Mom, they had matching dresses too!


Our two days at Disneyland were pretty much perfection. Being with old friends, watching my 5-year-old take on a kiddie and adult rollercoaster, meeting Minnie Mouse, seeing the Fireworks, going on It’s a Small World, meeting princesses…could life be any better?!

It was so hard to say goodbye to our friends and Disneyland but the teary goodbyes were worth all of the memories made in just two short days. And, it also gives us a great reason to return.