Second chances…

Sometimes the universe tests you.  I had such a test this past week.

I was lucky. My medical scare turned out to be nothing. Nothing.

But, oh the places my mind went.


I feel so blessed.

Not all women walk out with the same peace of mind that I did today. In fact, far too many don’t. And, it’s just not fair.

It’s weird to feel grateful and sad at the same time. Grateful for my good news while sad for the other women in the same waiting room with anxious husbands and nervous faces who may not have received such positive results.

I don’t take it for granted. Second chances are gifts.


One Response to “Second chances…”

  1. Oh my gosh, that is so scary! I am so glad to hear that everything turned out all right and it was a false alarm. And it speaks volumes about the type of person you are that instead of focusing only on your good fortune and clean bill of health, you are thinking of those women who receive different news and whose lives spin out on a different trajectory. You’re a kind soul.

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