At long last,  the hubby and I invested in a fancy schmancy camera. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time and to his credit, the hubby found the best one for us.  I hemmed and hawed at first given the price tag but agreed to go take a look at it.  We had a suprisingly great experience at Best Buy. The sales guy (more like kid) was incredibly knowledgeable about the camera and in fact, owned one himself. I explained to him the kinds of things I wanted to do even though I’ve never taken a photography class and have only had basic point and shoots. He could not have been more helpful or gracious and we found ourselves buying the camera on the spot.

My other hesitation in making the purchase was that I was afraid that we’d get the camera and I’d NEVER do anything with it. I didn’t trust myself to really put the time and energy into it.  But, much to my surprise, I’ve been immersed in the camera manual (which is easily 100 pages) since we got home. I don’t have much free time so I’ve been stealing sleep at night and reading about apertures, ISO sensitivities, and various other camera lingo.  And, I have to say…

I am in love!!

Of course I have a long way to go learning all there is to learn about the camera and who knows how far I’ll ultimately take it, but, right now, I’m having SO much fun.  It helps when you have great subjects to shoot!

Mommy, you really need to get a zoom lens. I'm trying to watch Tigger and Pooh here.

We do need to invest in an additional zoom lens which is a bit of a pain but I LIKE my close ups and the only way I’m able to get one like the above is to get REAL close. That’s fine, but, trying to take a close up of a toddler is like trying to take a shot of a fly – they NEVER stop moving. I was lucky to get a few like the one above.

Next step, stop cutting off head in picture.

I did manage to get a beautiful shot of Ellie and her Daddy on the roof of our apartment building.  My favorite one yet.

Note wool coat on Ellie. "Coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco." -- Mark Twain

We decided to take a little jaunt out to Petaluma today to visit my brother’s place. Even though he and my sister-in-law were out of town, Ellie had a great time visiting with her Nana and Papa and her cousins. She LOVES her cousins. She only has five first cousins in total and three of them live in Connecticut (and are much older) so it’s a real treat for her to see her Petaluma home boys!

Enjoying cookies and conversation by the backyard shed.

My youngest nephew spent most of the afternoon napping but when he finally arose, I couldn’t resist getting some shots of his deliciousness.

Pensive after a long summer's nap.

 So, as you can see, I’m having a lot of fun with my new toy. I’m so bummed that I have to go back to work tomorrow and won’t get a chance to play again until next weekend  (something tells me my fellow cubicle dwellers wouldn’t appreciate my practicing at the office.)


3 Responses to “Freezeframe…”

  1. Diane P Says:

    Great pics, and OMG, Ellie is so big! And adorable. 🙂 Also can’t believe those are your brother’s kids. Time freaking flies!

    • talesofanunfinishedmom Says:

      Thanks, Di. 🙂 You’re not kidding about the time. Waaayyy too fast. Weren’t we just at Freeman Hall?

  2. such cute pics – speaking of delicious, your girl, my niece: SCRUMPTIOUS. Keep using that shmancy camera, woman! xoxoxo

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