Signs, signs, everywhere signs…

In my last post, I lamented the fact that I was feeling pretty friendless. It took a lot for me write that post – to put those feelings out there. I’d been feeling that way for quite some time and ultimately decided that it might help to put the words on paper (virtual paper, anyhow) and put the sentiment out there to the universe.

I suppose one could say that what followed next was a coincidence but I’ve had too many coincidences in my life to know better.

Shortly after my last post — almost immediately in fact, my husband got a text message from the aforementioned couple – the husband in  the duo, to be exact. The message was something to the effect that it had been too long and we should get together and threw out a bunch of possibilities. Without getting  into unneccesary details, I came to a conclusion that I’d been considering for quite some time. And, ultimately, the important take away for me was that it was quite likely that nothing that had transpired really had anything to do with us.

We ended up meeting up with said husband and his two children while the wife was out of town on business (that’s a hint). It was nice to see all of our kids get a chance to play together again as they do really enjoy each other. And, it was nice to  see our friend. But, ultimately, I left feeling kind of freed. I can’t explain it except to say that I had moved on to a certain extent. No remorse or sadness, really, just ready to embrace new situations and new potential friends.

And then there was a windfall of activity — a true windfall.  Two dinner engagements, a forthcoming invitation, and a talked about playdate all within the span of two weeks. And, perhaps best of all, one old good friend returning to the Bay Area. Yippee!!

I can’t explain this sudden turn of events but I’d like to think that the seeds that I’ve been planting for the last year are starting to blossom. Spring is here and budding friendships are cropping up in the most unexpected places. I’d also like to think that the universe is starting to give me signs of hope.

And, I’ve never been more ready.

3 Responses to “Signs, signs, everywhere signs…”

  1. So wonderful! New friends (and old!) are always such a joy! Happy for you!

  2. I’m happy to read that things are turning around. It sounds like you may be going from no friends to friends everywhere very soon! :p

    I’m a Bay Area girl too…nevermind that I’ve been living in Albuquerque over 10 years. Ick!

    Lamb’s Most Recent Post: DINKS in a Hostel

  3. friends are the best

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