Top 10 reasons why blogging is more difficult than I thought it would be…

10. Too many topics are off limits. Family,  for example.  Oh, the fodder that would provide. The posts would be endless. No can do though. Too many of them know about my blog.

9. Same goes for my job and coworkers. Or, as I fondly refer to them as “my other family.” With half of my world following me on Facebook and Twitter, unless I am prepared to skulk uncomfortably around the office, it’s probably in my best interest to refrain from this too.

8. Writer’s block. I think the right side of my brain has atrophied along with the muscles in my thighs and upper arms. Whatever material I thought I had stored up, seems to be resistant to release–especially in the face of the keyboard and computer.

7.  Intimidation. In case you haven’t noticed, there are a bazillion amazing blogs out there. Ok, so, a bazillion is a bit of an exaggeration. Maybe it’s only a zillion. All I know is that there are a LOT. And, a lot of good ones at that. Start looking at other blogs and you begin to think that a) I’m not worthy! or b) the topic’s already been written about. What more can I bring to the table?

6. Photos. I’m embarrassed to admit this but I honestly don’t know how to download photos. I don’t even own my own camera. I share one. Pictures may not be necessary for blog posts but they do add that special somethin’.  This is one of my goals for the next few months.

5. Drama. Growing up, and probably up until a few years ago, I had a lot of drama in my life. Most of it was probably self-induced but a good percentage of it was what I might call bad luck. When you’ve got drama going on, there is a LOT to talk and write about. Take away the drama and you start writing about what you ate for breakfast, how long your commute was, etc… That’s where I am these days.

4. Shame. Am I really brave enough to admit in a blog post that some days I feel like the world’s worst mother. Because there are  days –like today–where after a long day at the office, I’ve got nothing. I love my daughter immensely, but, sometimes I just don’t FEEL like putting on the one woman circus just to get her to get into her car seat. And, sometimes, I just have to crank up that Led Zeppelin to drown out the whine cry on the 5 minute drive home. I’m not going for Mother of the Year but having other people potentially comment on how I could be doing things better is not something I’m prepared to handle just yet.

3. My funny is lost on my fingers. One of the reasons I was finally talked into starting a blog is because I’ve been told I’m really funny. This is based on all of the emails I’ve been sending around to family and friends over the years. Let’s face it – when you hear something enough  you start to believe it. I started thinking “Hey, I’m funny. They’re right. I should start penning this material.” And, yet, the only time I find myself inspired to write a blog post is when I’m chewing on some existential crisis. I’m having a hard time doing funny.

2. Time. I truly underestimated how much time it takes to really craft a good blog post. I don’t mean I thought this would be easy for me. I mean others make it LOOK so easy. I always envision other bloggers typing out posts on their iphones while they’re driving their cars and singing songs with their kiddies in the back seat.  I am NOT that talented.

1. Well, this is where I am supposed to pull out the blockbuster #1 reason for why it’s so hard to blog. I guess if I could do that, I wouldn’t be suffering from  #8.  Truthfully, I’ve actually learned a little something about myself in this short period of time since I launched this site which is that as open as I think I am, there is that part of me that likes to keep things tidy and neat for the outside world. Tidy and neat doesn’t really make for an interesting blog. I know. I’m working on it.


9 Responses to “Top 10 reasons why blogging is more difficult than I thought it would be…”

  1. you are awesome … i can’t wait to hear about your trials and tribulations (hopefully they will make me feel better about mine) … bring it on!!!

  2. The best thing about starting my blog when I did was that I didn’t even really know what a blog was. I’d read a couple, was bored on bedrest and poof! Just started writing. I never thought about “who will read this?” “who will I offend?” It was so nice.
    Now that I know there are people reading, I tend to over-think things. I also think I could do “the funny” better when no one was reading. LOL

    I think ANYTHING can be a blog post–maybe not everyday about what you had for breakfast, but if that’s what you get on one day, that’s what you get. You’re still writing!

  3. talesofanunfinishedmom Says:

    Thanks for the encouragement! I really need it. 🙂

  4. talesofanunfinishedmom Says:

    Sarah – isn’t that ironic? How we feel we can do certain things better when no one is “looking.” What is that about ? Hmm…performance anxiety I guess.

  5. re #4: a friend of mine told me, recently, that during a road trip his 2 y/o daughter would not stop screaming. she screamed for 2 hours. finally, he turned to her as she wailed from the backseat and shouted, “will you please shut the f*ck up?” i realize you don’t know my friend, but he can be very loud when he wants to be. he told me that story w/o a shred of remorse. i don’t know if there are awards for best parent of the year, but if there are, i’m sure they are nearly impossible to win because it’s impossible to be a perfect parent–i say that as someone in awe of those who’ve taken the job on, and do it well.

    besides, led zeppelin is a must. start ‘er off young, you know?

  6. I loved this post, and can totally relate. I started off my blog with a few topics I felt sure would pull in the masses (love letters to my daughter, and relaying verbatim conversations you can only have with a 4-year-old). But some days the words don’t come or the funny just doesn’t translate. And it’s easy to feel intimiidateed by the many talented, creative, witty bloggers out there. But it’s not a competition. Blogs are, simply put, our own space to share whatever we feel llike on a given day. Your posts certainly don’t have to be perfect–but this one was a perfect example of how many of us fell…so thanks!

  7. Well… having only just discovered your blog today and long after they were posted. I have to say many of your fears and concerns are unfounded as all of your posts I found interesting, funny (in context) and in a real sense very easy to relate to mostly… I think your writings present you as a very easy going and likable person, we all are self conscious to some extent and I commend you for your honesty and bravery in sharing all that you do…
    I think something alot of bloggers take for granted is the degree of trust it takes to bare your soul to strangers maybe its trust too in your own abilities but trust it is…

    Thank you…

    … Chris …

  8. Haha, I totally can relate… But I just keep going, hope’n eventually a masterpiece will arise. Right now, I’ve got drama in my life, and I’m in a war zone, so those two alone help… but I’ve often worried about what will happen when I get home. Will I continue to write as creativity and frequently as I do now? And still have it be entertaining or remotely interesting? Assuming, that my current blogs are fun…
    Keep on keep’n on!!!

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