The first time…

I’ve often wondered why it’s taken me so long to get started. I kept saying time was the issue. After all, a full-time working Mom isn’t exactly luxuriating in freedom, right? Then there was the coming up with a name for a blog. Oh so many excuses. And, when it really came down to it, I think all of those “what ifs” started getting in the way. I mean, “What if I can’t find anything to say after all?” (Never mind how many emails I’ve been sending to friends over the years or the fact that I’m never really at a loss for words.) “What if I suck at writing?” Well, there is always that risk. “What if no one EVER reads it?” You get the picture. At some point, you just have to jump, take that first step, and show your “art” to the world. (Not that I think my writing is art, but, you know what I’m saying.) And, so, the journey begins…



One Response to “The first time…”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Jen – glad to see your posts. I’m not a mother, or aunt, but I do plan to become an avid Tales of an Unfinished Mother reader. 🙂

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